Hey guys,

Lollipop Skeletons is my solo project turned brotherly collaberation, which kinda grew out of my old band disintegrating. Currently I'm writing, playing and recording everything myself apart from the drums, thats my little bro's domain.

My brother and I live 2000km apart, so a lot of sketchy recordings and emails are involved in our writing process at the moment. But I think we've managed to create something pretty cool.

We have one original song completed and uploaded at the moment, but a few more shouldn't be too far away. I've also recorded an acoustic cover of Radiohead's Motion Picture Soundtrack, if you're into covers.

I've been told that we sound like Radiohead, the Strokes, Mars Volta

So give us a listen and let me know what you think

http://www.triplejunearthed.com/LollipopSkeletons - If you're an Unearthed member I'd really appreciate a rating/review of my music on this site. Also this link has the best mix, and it's a free download!



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Really like the 'Conman' track. The intro is a little sloppy for my liking but I appreciate its just a demo. Nice chord progression and melody, great energy once it gets going too.

Good work!
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