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I have recently joined field hockey in my school, and pretty soon I will have to buy my own stick. For now, we are using the school's sticks for stickwork. I've done some research but I can't find any info on what are some of the good brands/manufacturers that make hockey sticks.

So what are some of the good/quality hockey stick brands out there? Keep in mind that I am still a beginner. I'd like something that's good for beginners/intermediate and value for money. Thanks
All of mine have been Gryphon. Other than that, idk. Grays are a big brand. Just go to a store and try a couple.
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The guy in the store should give you advise on size/height and weight of the stick.
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Thanks for the replies guys. Besides the size and weight, any other things I should look out for?
Slazenger sticks are reasonably priced. IMO they're pretty hard wearing and ideal for beginners. Sticks under £30 should be more than adequate. (Although I don't know what country or currency you're buying in!) I preferred the ones with the larger 'flicks' at the bottom and so had more surface contact with the stick to the ball, but that's probably cos I was crap at hockey.
Don't buy an indoor hockey stick (I didn't realise they did those until a google search, but they should be clearly labelled if they are indoors ones)
I'd say avoid the heaviest sticks, go for one in the middle and don't forget fiber glass will make a stick more durable for its weight.

You should also make sure you have a gum shield and shin pads, if you don't have them already. Again its easy to find them cheap, since they're pretty generic for all sports.

Also have a look at what other people on the team are buying and using.
Above all, make sure you're comfortable holding and carrying it IIRC the stick should be around hip height.
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Gryphon, Grays and Voodoo were the big brands when I was playing hockey; though that was several years ago. I think there was a Mazon (?) in there as well. Stick should come up to your hip in terms of length, everything else is personal preference I guess. All of those brands I mentioned do reasonably priced beginner gear.
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Ditas are personal preference, Kookaburra are shit unless they're the high end ones, Adidas are nice, Gryphon are nice, Voodoo are more looks than performance. Grays sticks are class.

Of course, I'm a keeper, so I've only regularly used two different Grays GX5000 goalie sticks. But Grays are all round well made and last ages.
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