Hey, saw this advert for a Johnson acoustic, http://johannesburg.gumtree.co.za/c-Stuff-for-Sale-musical-instruments-Black-Johnson-by-AXL-acoustic-guitar-JAG-7200C-BK-W0QQAdIdZ359105591 how does this axe play, does anybody know? It's dirt cheap, but I can only afford that at the moment. Basically I just don't want it to fall apart in my hands, but like Jack White could get away with his Kay acoustic/electric and make it sound brilliant, just wanna know if thats possible here.
I have 2 Johnson Guitars. A solara classic and a jg-610-b. The JG-610 is decent. I bought mine for me to learn how to play. It is a great learning guitar! I just recently brought mine to life with putting a bone saddle in it. It now sounds like it cost twice what I paid for it! It was an easy switch, I just waited until it was time to change strings and did it then. And just for an FYI, I haven't yet played an electric guitar that is under $500 usd that sounds better or is better made then the solara classic. It rules!