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This State Is Conscious is released. Get your copy here

Those Amongst Us Are Wolves is a four piece post-rock band. Formed in 2011 by Mark and Tom, they were joined by Chris on bass, and finally by Joshua, to create a sonic landscape of melody, ambience, and pure noise.

Since 2011 the band members have established Those Amongst Us Are Wolves as an emerging force on the UK's post-rock scene, securing high profile supports for bands such as Nordic Giants, UpCDownC, Iran Iran and Lost In The Riots


Mark - Guitar (2012 - present)
Chris - Bass (2012 - present)
Tom - Drums (2012 - present)
Josh - Keys\Synth (2012 - 2014)

Keep in touch with us at:


Recordings and releases



[u][b]Location[/b][/u]                       [u][b]Date[/b][/u]                             [u][b]Tickets[/b][/u]

[url=""]JT Soar, Nottingham[/url]            25/07/2014                       £4
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Quote by korinaflyingv
you should probably wait until you have some recordings to try and promote your band
that bourton festival looks interesting though

Aye, that's for sure. I'm just trying to do some promo for the festival to start. I'll keep it up dated as and when we record etc.

edit: By the way, I really dig the Mr Tumnus track you did for one of the UG post-rock albums.
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Added another gig date in the OP.

We're trying to get some other post-rock bands to play. One band asked to hear us so we took a recording of our last practice. The Violinist was auditioning, not sure we'll hear back from him as we weren't folk rock enough for him!

Anyway, the link will only be active over the weekend so have a listen.

Hope you enjoy.

**Link removed**

Hold on for some new recordings
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Another gig gig added to the OP.

We've just had a keys/synth player audition, and consequently. join the band. We are currently working him into the set for our first gig at Bourton Festival 2012. If any of you are from the Midlands, UK and want to see 30 bands for £4 then click on the link. If you love post-rock come and check us out on the Flipside Stage at 14:00.
Have just added our next gig into the OP. This is at Stealth in Nottingham supporting Crash Jacket. It's going to be a big one for us. If you want a ticket they are £2 if you get them from the band (£5 on the door)

We've also been in the studio laying down a track. Just waiting for the mixing\mastering to be completed. Watch this space...
We are very excited to announced that the first track from our new E.P (release 2013) is available to stream from Soundcloud and our Facebook Bandpage

"Really enjoying this track, wonderful guitar tone and the drums at the end sound devastating!" - Sunrise Over Europe

"The drums sound awesome. Real powerful song. Can't wait to hear more." - Matt, Arbor Lights
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Over the next few months we have some big gigs coming up in the Midlands and a few around the UK. I've put them in the OP and this post. If you want tickets we can usually get the tickets a little cheaper, so let me know.

In other news, we're organising another recording session to complete our E.P. Remember to 'like' us here: or follow us here:

[u][b]Location[/b][/u]                       [u][b]Date[/b][/u]                             [u][b]Tickets[/b][/u]

[url=""]Taylor Johns, Coventry[/url]         9th November                     TBC

[url=""]The Flapper, 
Birmingham[/url]                     17th November                    £5

[url=""]Nambucca, London[/url]               27th November                    £7

[url=""]The Blue Bear, Nuneaton[/url]        30th November                    Free
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Gig's updated. If you want to catch us at any of our gigs get in touch.

[u][b]Location[/b][/u]                       [u][b]Date[/b][/u]                             [u][b]Tickets[/b][/u]

[url=""]Nambucca, London[/url]               27th November                    £7

[url=""]Underbelly, London[/url]             22nd December                    £6

[url=""]The Flapper, Birmingham[/url]        5th January                      TBC

[url=""]The Flapper, Birmingham[/url]        6th February                     TBC    

[url=""]Taylor John's House, Coventry[/url]  16th February                    TBC

This is a video from our last gig at The Flapper in Birmingham
Our London gig at Underbelly has been moved to The Workshop, just around the corner. This is due to a double booking by the venue. If you already have a ticket they are still valid.

Better news is that we are in the studio recording another track from the forthcoming And So You Thought, "The Sky's The Limit" e.p.

Tickets are now available for our gig at The Flapper in Birmingham on the 5th Jan. They are £5. We are playing with Sunrise Over Europe, Arbor Lights, and Post Descartes.

Give me a shout if you'd like tickets.

Also, we have been confirmed for the Lets.Juggle records launch gig, which is also the release party for the new {we used to have horses} record. It's on the 26th Jan at the chapel on the FCH campus in Cheltenham. Best of all; entry is free!
Our gig at the Flapper (Birmingham, UK) went down really well. We played with Post Descartes, Arbor Lights and Sunrise Over Europe. All of which you should listen to if you love post\math\folk rock sort of stuff.

Our next gig is in a Chapel in Cheltenham for the Lets.Juggle Records launch night. We are playing with {weusedtohavehorses] and The Flex. It's free entry.

We are also working on the slowly (too slowly) forming e.p. and sorting out something special for the release date.

More music to hear is coming soon.
We are now back into writing mode and finishing off the recording of our debut E.P.

Our website is now up and running. It's a work in progress, but bear with us!

Here is a video of us playing at a Church somewhere in Cheltenham! It's a phone video, so not top quality; still the venue was amazing!

We've got a few gigs coming up, with more to be confirmed. I've updated the gig listings.

Also a reminder that you can listen to the new EP at BandCamp

[u][b]Location[/b][/u]                       [u][b]Date[/b][/u]                             [u][b]Tickets[/b][/u]

[url=""]The Vault, Rugby[/URL]               1st May                          £3

[url=""]The Flapper, Birmingham[/url]        1st June                         £5

[url=""]LAMP, Leamington Spa[/URL]           14th June                        £4

[url=""]The Shed, Leicester[/url]            21st June                        £5

[url=""]Taylor John's House, Coventry[/URL]  12th July                        TBC
A very cool review fromThe Siren's Sound

By the sound of it… it looks like [ Those Amongst Us Are Wolves ] clearly shows an intensive love and passion for cinematic built-up and atmospheric noise. There are 100’s and 1000’s of post-rock artists out there but there is something about [ Those Amongst Us Are Wolves ] that makes their song-writing memorable and fresh. For what seems at first like standard guitar and distorition-driven post-rock but when you dig a little deeper you’ll soon discover a beautiful complexity and flawless denser structure. All together it’s quite a sprawling experience and the entire EP is more of an adventure. I for one, totally dig the adrenalin pump and energetic / electric rhythm the band has to offer. CHECK IT OUT.
Another review. This time from Ech(((o)))es and Dust

A little exerpt:

Quote by Ech(((o)))es and Dust

I recommend getting the earphones on and take a ride on the tube or bus through the city and watch people go about their daily routines with Chaotic Love Stories and Irrational Behaviour playing as the soundtrack it will definitely improve your journey and invoke and provoke your mind with a different ending movie every day and Those Amongst Us Are Wolves are required listening for this very reason.

And here are some photos from our EP launch:

If anyone is from The Coventry area, and is into Post-rock, we are playing a Godiva Festival heat this Thursday. So pop over and help us get through!

We also have just had part of And So You Thought, "The Sky's The Limit" played on a recent episode of Hollyoaks. So we've sold out! (but it didn't last long and we've dropped back into obscurity now)

Check the OP for all our upcoming gigs and get yourself down to one if you are around!
We have a gig in London on the 19th July. A couple of the bands dropped out so we are looking around for London based Post-Rock (or similar) bands who would be interested in joining us.

The gig is at Camden Rock. Here are all the event details:
Sometimes being a band is all about pushing stuff out, gigging, recording. One way traffic, from us to you. But sometimes it’s good to take a breath and value what’s coming back the other way. From you guys. So, we’d love to know: what does… our music make you feel? This is an invite to respond in any way you think is appropriate, but keep it clean and constructive: a photo you source, a painting, a sketch you might do, a short 2 minute film, or for instance our music has no lyrics, but if it did what would they be? It’s a bit of fun, but we’d genuinely love to see a set of lyrics for any of our tracks. ‘The Speed of a Life’, ‘And So You Thought ‘The Sky’s The Limit’, what are these tracks about, where do they take you imaginatively? If you haven’t already, you can hear our music on

So send your responses to our Facebook page, (images, drawings, photography, lyrics, poetry etc), and we’ll start a page on our website and put them up.
We have landed a gig supporting Nordic Giants on 4th October. It's at the Bohunk Institute in Nottingham on the 4th October. Tickets are only £4! You can get them here:

In other news...we've been in the Studio working on our 2nd EP. More news to follow...
We have just announced a gig with Celestial Wolves on 4th November. Check our last gigs of the year out:

[u][b]Location[/b][/u]                       [u][b]Date[/b][/u]                             [u][b]Tickets[/b][/u]

[url=""]The Tin, Coventry[/url]              4th November                     £3

[url=""]The Golden Fleece, Nottingham[/url]  14th November                    TBC

We are also working on the follow up to our first EP. Things are coming along well. It will be released in the first quarter of 2014.
Here are our March tour dates for any of you who like their post-rock!

[u][b]Location[/b][/u]                       [u][b]Date[/b][/u]                             [u][b]Tickets[/b][/u]

[url=""]The Tin, Coventry[/url]              1st March                        [url=""]£5[/url]

[url=""]The Good Ship, Kilburn, London[/url] 12th March                       £5

[url=""]The Stag and Hounds, Bristol[/url]   13th March                       Free

[url=""]Firefly, Worcester[/url]             14th March                       £4

[url=""]South on Sea Live, Broomhill,
Sheffield[/url]                      16th March                       TBC
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