Sup folks,

I'm notating basic rhythm and time in Guitar Pro, and wanted to add numbers to represent the beats in each bar. So 1 2 3 4. It's for a student.

When I add it as text, it appears at the top of the staff, and just be awkward, I want them at the bottom!. Cuz on the top I have the up and down stroke symbols.

Anyone know how to do it?

Thanks again, MT.
IF it's for an online student, I think you'll be much better off explaining this by writing it down, not in guitar pro. Moreover, you could just, explain it all, and then provide some examples. If it's for a real-life student, I'd advice a face-to-face explanation.

If not, you could just add some instrument and make it play a note at each beat in different time signatures, send that along with a proper text explanation, and he'd get it.
Alright, thanks guys.

I did explain it to him and it's all good.