Hey guys!
Can anyone tell me what is the difference(regarding sound) between 10 and 9 gauge strings? Aside from their size, obviously. Thanks!
Absolutely nothing, aside from thickness.
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People tend to prefer the sound of thicker strings but in reality thinner strings give a clearer tone, it's why so many people can't find their perfect tone, they have the idea totally backwards about strings.

The aim is to find the right balance between tension and tone, since they're inversely proportional based on string thickness.
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Absolutely nothing, aside from thickness.

Certainly there's a difference, it's just not that audible. I haven't had a chance to compare different string gauges well, but since technically thinner strings have less tension, they should sound the same as down-tuned thicker strings. I'd figure 10s in Eb standard sound somewhat similar to 9s in E standard. I could be pretty off though.

The biggest difference is probably in bending and perhaps more importantly in vibrato.

I do prefer my Strat with 13s to my Ibby with 11s regarding tone. Those 13s are delicious to strum really hard.
He said tonewise, and going up .01 is hardly going to make a difference besides being slightly harder to bend. They'd probably make your bends more accurate, as you wouldn't over bend as much.
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i keep asking my dad for wood. but he keeps getting annoyed (he's working on a house). and i'm too young to go outside.

The difference between standard sets of .09 and .10 strings is virtually nothing; you'll only notice a change in tone if you jump between fairly different sets. Even then, playability should always be your top priority. Use whatever strings are easiest for you to play on.
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I've always played on 10's. But I can't figure out any way of comparison except for asking you guys. So thanks!
In theory, thicker strings should have a more powerful sound. It holds true with acoustics, but makes little difference on electrics. I choose my string gauge on how they feel, not sound.
Comfort. Some people like thicker strings and others like lighter. Lighter strings tend to be easier to bend. I, personally, find thicker strings easier to "grab" with my finger, so I prefer 10's and 11's.

Earlier today I played my guitar tuned to DADADD with the two highest strings the exact same D. One was a .10 which was loose and the other a .13 which was very tight. They both sounded exactly the same.
with 9's to 10's, or vice versa, you'll notice a different feeling for sure. the 10's feel noticeably tighter than the 9's, and I find 9's feel sloppy. theoretically, lighter strings should be faster because they take less physical force to depress (for me, 10's are faster because they feel less flimsy and my hands are big)

you shouldn't notice a tone difference until you start jumping multiple gauges at once.
Lighter strings have more highs. Heavier strings have more bass.
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The third post from the top from warrior is right, the rest of the posts have all said the same thing more or less. Thicker string = hack. Thinner strings in having a wider variation in pitch when bending, force you to play properly. They also have a cleaner sound and have more adaptability purely because of the variations in pitch available to you. Ive only gone up to 11s but they gave me the shits straight away, now nothing thicker than a 9-42 goes anywhere near any of my guitars and 2 of them have 8s. When I get my red special it will probably end up having 7s on it. As for more bass with thicker strings, thats BS considering that at 440hz in standard tune, the strings are vibrating at the same frequency. On an acoustic maybe or possibly a semi hollow but def not a solid body electric.