Poll: How do you (mostly) hold your guitar pick?
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View poll results: How do you (mostly) hold your guitar pick?
Index finger, thumb
47 90%
Middle finger, thumb
1 2%
Middle finger, ringer finger, thumb
1 2%
Index finger, middle finger, ring finger, thumb
1 2%
Middle finger, ring finger, pinky, thumb
0 0%
All fingers :P
1 2%
No pick
0 0%
1 2%
Voters: 52.
Im not interested in what angle you use right now.
Just curious and hoping Im not the only one doing things differently. I hold it with my middle, ring, and thumb, and my pinky supporting my ring finger if you can picture that :p
I play with my Index and thumb, but Van Halen (y) plays with his middle and thumb so he can tap faster.
index middle and thumb. for more stability. Maybe i should just try index and thumb?
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I read this: How do you hold your prick.

But yeah, on a serious note, between my thumb and index.
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i keep asking my dad for wood. but he keeps getting annoyed (he's working on a house). and i'm too young to go outside.

My technique is so awesome that it isn't even an option in this poll.
Index, middle and thumb and kind of backwards too so one of the less pointy ends at the rear do the work.
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how is all fingers even possible?

Its possible but I dont know why anyone would do that I just put it there as a joke tbh
Oddly, I wasn't sure until I picked my guitar up and tried it. I guessed I used middle finger & thumb but I was wrong... it's just index & thumb.
i do it the proper way, there is no reason to hold the pick like a jackass when all you have to do is type "how to hold a guitar pick" into google.

takes 10 seconds.
There is no right or wrong, but if you are using more than thumb plus either index or middle you are doing it wrong.
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