Video quality, audio quality, your vibrato, tone, playing ; it was just perfect!
I've never heard Dream Theater before, but I've heard good things about them, and now I think I will. Man, it was really good.

Keep it up

Oh, and thanks a lot for your crit on my vid
You nailed it pretty well man, and goddamn am I jealous of your rig.
Honey mustard is best mustard.
I really don't remember the song ending like that. Doesn't it fade out?

Shame on you for playing a signed guitar!

You played it very well,better that I could do.Some bends sounded off and sometimes your slides were just shy of the note you were looking for but you always recovered from it.Good job.

You mind checking this out:

Alice Cooper - Steven
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Thank you all guys

You are right, the original song just fade out, but I liked how Dr.viosy ended the song on YouTube, and I liked it more then just fading out....
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