i want to record a finger picking part of a song and i am not sure if i should use the xy 90 degree angle position or the spaced position with one pointed at the 12th fret and one at the body?
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Usually, I would do two mics when recording acoustic guitar regardless of whether it was fingerpicking or strumming, the only difference would be the placement.

For fingerpicking, I use a ribbon mic for my picking hand, put it close but be careful not to hit it. I would then use a condenser for the neck, usually around seventh fret to get all the nice slides in. High gain on this one because it's not quite as loud.

Experiment and have fun with it though, we spent hours finding the best placement, moving it inches at a time, faffing about with mics etc,
I'd use two mics if it was a solo instrument, but as an instrument that has a place in a mix, I'd probably just go with one mic.

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