Hey guys...I recently picked up an older Peavey Classic 30 112 for a backup amp...and as a tad fixer upper as well. I replaced a couple EL84s in this guy, along with a 12AX7... I also replaced the speaker with a 12" Celestion Super 65 which sounds pretty good in this. The sound is dramatically better just from that alone, but I have a problem....the rattle. I have heard stories that tube rattle on these guys is crazy loud...I took a short audio clip with a large diaphragm condenser with it hanging above the amp...can you guys tell me if this is for sure tube rattle, or maybe something loose I'm not seeing?


BTW, I'm not sure what year this guy is...its tweed, and doesn't have the dipped logo like the newer ones..it looks very Fenderish, and just says Classic 30 on it, and had the peavey thing on the grill which I removed.

Thanks for your time fellas!