I'm not sure if this is in the right place, however..

I was looking into becoming a luthier and I don't know where to start, there are no college courses or uni courses on it that I can find... So do I need to get an apprenticeship with someone to do it or are there are courses I can take?
General classes in woodworking would be a great start. You could look into carpentry, as this is generally more taught than building guitars. As soon as you get accustomed to working with general woodwork tools like routers, you can find a luthier for an apprenticeship. The basics will most likely be required to know - most luthiers won't have the time or oppertunity for you to mess about and learn.
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i've built two guitars in a Luthier club in my high school. An easy way to start is to buy a cheap kit on byoguitar or guitarfetish, buy a few cans of laquer, and some paint or stain. just apply the finish and assemble. granted you have to sand and some other basics but it is really quite simple as long as you keep the guitar simple. One of mine has LEDs and the other i put a floyd rose on an archtop so they were much more difficult.
apprenticeship would be by far the best.

if you cant get that, see if there are any companies where you can help out with sanding and stuff, with a view to grow later on.

Start building guitars yourself in your free time. I know a few builders who started as a hobby, and then they started selling their guitars, then they quit their job to go full time and went from there.

Uni / college are not the right place for this kind of stuff.

some luthiers will run short courses on how to build guitars, you could do one of these to get you going.

also taking to any local luthiers about it is a good idea, networking and the like
Woodshop, hell I'm in Wood 1 and I made a the guitar body in my build thread, and I plan to go up to Wood 3. I plan to become a luthier too, and I'm thinking of being a guitar tech at Guitar Center (they desperately need a good tech) as soon as I can work, stay there for a while to get an established name for myself, and then start my own shop. That could be a start.