a while ago i found an article called hanging ten on bass that was supposed to teach you how to use four fingered picking by taping your fingers together, well now i cant find that article so can someone tell me which fingers to tape together or find a link to that article
An article will never teach you a practical skill, only theoretical. This aside, I don't see a reason to use 4 fingers when you can get to insane picking speeds with just 3. If you think there's something into it, then just practice using 4, I don't see how an article would help you.

Taping your fingers together seems like a very stupid thing to do, I've seen countless bass-player videos and none of them were doing anything like that.
What advantage would you get by taping your fingers together? I can't see taht doing anything other than reducing your accuracy and speed
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Taping your fingers together does in fact help when learning to use 4 finger picking, by taping your pinky and ring fingers together and picking as you would in 3-finger style, you'll help to build the muscle in your pinky. Just knuckling down and practicing with 4 fingers will get it done faster, but that taping thing does help, and it's something you can do while just playing normally.

As for the practicality of 4 finger picking, there's always the issue of stamina, why tire yourself out trying to do stuff with 2 or 3 fingers when you're able to use 4? Why limit yourself?