Heres another of my shit songs:

Swinging by the shins (A fake and a poser),
Strapped up to the neck (emotionless repressed),
Somewhere between chest and knee (reeking of mediocrity).

I pass judgement on everyone,
And its never a good one.
Some may just have dreams,
Play with expertise,
Or are playing however they ****ing well please.

But no, All I see,
Is everyone but me,
Is out of their ****ing tree.
Idiots and morons,
In my eyes,
They're all Wrong.

And I wouldn't really fret,
If I was left, unaffected,
But I think far too hard,
Using my brain not my heart,
Making sure I never mimic,
All the things I once insulted.

So what can you tell,
From how a man swings his axe?
But I can tell so much about you for judging.
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really cool idea for a song

the one thing that i didnt quite like was the line "and its never ever a good one" i dont see the "ever" as necessary and think it would sound better as just "and its never a good one"

the second last verse is definitely my favourite especially "making sure i never mimic / all the things i once insulted" thats a thought ive had once or twice
Thanks, Ill change that, I wasnt sure about it and i was thinking about 2 evers but that seemed to many so i just went with 1 :P