currently what i have is a randall 100sc and it sounds decent, but ive been getting into other styles of playing so now my sound is limited.

what im playing now is more of a garage rock/nightmare surf punk type sound but i want more raw tone. i like feedback, it seems to contribute well to shows. and i have a lot of pedals that id want to use. should i get a shitty cab, with a nice head, or a shitty head with a nice cab? i dont care about aesthetics, i just want a good sound. price range would be around $300

EDIT: alright, forget about price! i just wanna hear some suggestions
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i don't know how many options you'll have for both a head and cab at $300, and i don't usually think you should sacrifice one for the other, they work as a team
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I would recommend the marshal MG100

Very versatile and quality sound. It should treat you well
You might want to save up more.....at 300 you would be lucky to get a good head or cab, let alone both. I would say at least 600 for a good head/cab.....but honestly more like 1200 or more.
Yeah dude $300 is nothing. Save up at least a grand and then go looking. You aren't going to find a good head for $300, and definitely not a head AND cab.
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It's probably best to wait and save up. Good equipment holds resale value and more after a long enough time. But if you seriously can't wait, stalk your local classifieds, ebay, kijiji, craigslist and you might get lucky. I'm partial to fender amps, they're sturdy as ****, and sound amazing. They might be famous for they're clean tones but if you put some pedals behind them, they can do whatever you need. Check around. Go to your local shop and play some of the amps they've got there. It all comes down to personal choice.