So I play alt rock kind of grungish music, I'm having trouble trying to be able to sing properly but also add in a sort of rasp to my singing. Now I know I should get just standard singing down before I try anything else, which ive been trying, but now it seems I got stuck in this tryed attempt to sing like Cobain. When I started singing I sung along to songs like smells like teen spirit, in bloom etc.. I was a big nirvana fan back then(hence the avatar), but now I think ive taught my voice to do the wrong thing because of it. I have singing success, ive been doing it for about a month, just seems whenever its time to hit the record button I end up where I started. I'm going to keep at it, seems I need to untrain some bad habits. Anyone gone through something similar?

Heres a new song of mine for an example

Any thoughts and comments would be appreciated.