Would like some feedback on this. I've put a lot of effort into this, and I'm happy with the results, but seeing as I'm brand new to this kind of music (producing it, that is) I need criticism.


If you care for lyrics, they're in the description on SoundCloud. Could definitely use some feedback on that as well!

Hope it's tasty.
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I like the intro phasey/flanger strings. Sounds rather 80's, which is fine by me. Kind of an odd drum beat at ~2:00, but I give you credit for doing something unusual/different. Amusing drum sounds around 3:45. The dub-step type (~4:20) stuff surprised me, in a good way. Not wild about the screaming vocals around 5:00, glad they're not very loud, but they are OK. I much prefer the melodic singing at ~5:40 (good!). Ending is a bit abrupt, but I like the song overall. Please review my music at this link:

Woah this is amazing. So many different sounds, but it still works somehow. It sounds like you really know what you're doing. I don't have any major critisms, it's just great!
I personally live the screaming vocals. A lot.
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I need to up my game a bit I think.

A quick listen?