Hey everyone. Running a big muff through the clean channel of my Marshall and i like that as a rhythm sound on it's own, but i'd like something to use in conjunction with the big muff to give an awesome lead tone in the vein of Smashing Pumpkins (early stuff) and Nirvana.

I know Billy used an MXR Distortion II through the big muff but i can't find one anywhere and i'm told the distortion + is basically the same thing but i've not been able to try one out.

So basically if anyone can suggest something that might give me a good lead sound with the big muff or if the distortion + will work the same as the distortion II then that would be great.

Agreed, never used those specific pedals..I use a boss ds1 into mine and it works pretty well, just don't go to crazy on the gain or you will probably feedback alot
Mudhoney has been using this setup for years to get great tones, Steve Turner gets a bunch of great leads boosting his Big Muff with a Dist +
If it's any help, a lot of the Siamese Dream solo tone also comes from an MXR Phase 100.

You can also try a slightly gritty boost into a big muff ala David Gilmour.