A cover of RHCP's Under The Bridge, great song. We did this for a project at college.

I'm on guitars and vocals, it's not mastered yet so it may be a little bit quiet, will update once it has been. UPDATE: COMPLETE!


ETA: C4C of course.
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This was the first song I heard by RHCP, such a classic tune. You guys have done a pretty respectable job on it. I imagine your college teacher will be quite happy with it. There were a few mistakes here and there, and at some points the vocal harmonies seemed unnecessary but its not a bad rendition of the song. It should sound good by the time you finish mastering it. However next time I would I reccomend lowering the key of the song since none of you seem to be able to sing the higher notes comfortably, and it would make the song sound better in my opinion. Either way well done! I hope you guys get graded well for it! If you dont mind doing a C4C I'd really appreciate your thoughts on any of the covers I've done. Ill post a link below

I really like this cover. The drums sound a bit weird at places. I can't really put my finger on it but I think it might be the cymbals. I'm no expert on drums though so I'm sorry for the vagueness. I really like the rest of it though. It sounds very smooth and pretty cohesive for the most part. Nice job.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1525959
Cheers chaps. I had a bit of difficulty with the high notes during the chorus but we used two tracks on it for depth, one with me singing it in the higher octave and another an octave lower. I've only been singing properly for 4 or so months so if it was any lower I'd be struggling.

Quite a few more mistakes than I would like but we were very pressed for time. I managed to fix most of them by editing the audio but I haven't done it very thoroughly. This is 7 and a half hours work, I'm very pleased with what we've achieved. Whether the tutor will be is a different story altogether - he's a professional sound engineer!

The cymbals do sound a little odd and there's way too much reverb on the snare, we haven't finished mixing yet though.

Will C4C when I'm home chaps
rollingstones, this is for Like A Rolling Stone.

Good cover mate, you've got a nice tone to your playing and a good voice. Your accent is quite thick so it's difficult for me to understand what you're saying, but the vocals definitely sound good. Only thing I would say is turn that bloody fan off, it's very distracting!