Alright, a little back story. I was a drummer for about 3 years and then had to sell my kit as I became a guitarist in a band, then I played an electric set for about 2 years, well I just recieved an old kit for free and am getting back into drums again. The kit is about 20 years old and has never had a new head installed.

I literally know nothing about the different types of heads and am looking for advice. I always liked Remo heads when I drummed back in the day.

I want to replace all the heads and resonance heads on my drums. I play mostly rock/grunge drums. Mostly like Nirvana and the Foo Fighters, but I also dabble in Pink Floyd and blues type drumming. I like loud ass drums and tons of Cymbals, haha.

So what should I go with? I need heads for a 16" Floor Tom, 14" Snare, 13" Tom, 10" Tom, 8" Tom, and a 22" Bass Drum. What materials/types do I look for?

Thanks in advance!
Remo Pinstripe/Ambassador or (What I use) Emperor. Clear heads and they're good for rock and most genres really.
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I put an Evans Genera HD head on my snare and I really liked it. And I back Niiko on the tom head choices.
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Some heads work better with wood types, too. What kind of wood are your shells?
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I'd be going clear emperors over clear ambassadors, classic combo.
Pinstripes are ok if you want long lasting heads and will not be gigging, otherwise they sound $hite IMHO.
Evans g2 coated, there double play so they'll last like forever i use those and ive had mine for about over a year and they look like i haent even touched them and they have for the snare the powerstroke where it makes the snare dounds delcious like a baby fetus eatting a waffle :P but this brand is pretty bad ass, but i heard remo embassadors being alright