I know they're are a million if these (half from myself) but before I gontrhough with my amp I have in mind I want to get one last forum opinion. So briefly
Budget: $1000 used
Head (tube)
Location: US I'll do the shopping

I love tone but I also play a wide range of styles so bare with me.
Clean somewhat important not really
Classic Rock. ACDC Zeppelin etc
Hard/Hair Rock. GNR Motley Crue Skd Row Ozzy/Sabbath etc
Metal. Metallica Megadeth Pantera (not really into modern metal tones)

I don't mind using something like a Tube Screamerbut I want most of the ddistortion from the amp. Reverb not a must. Fx Loop is a must.

I'm really a fan of setting my tone and leaving it and I love to control my tone from my feet more so a great footswitch is a big plus. Thanks also if you have any recommendation outside my budget please share lol. Thanks.
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