Here's an original I recorded a couple months ago called The Storm. There's 3 parts to it: The Black Sea, The Eye, and The Calm. I'm really happy with the way this one turned out. Anyway check it out, it'd be great to get some feedback. Thanks!

I listened to the black sea... ****ing awesome. I really enjoyed it. And I don't even like metal instrumental usually, but it was great.

Really, love how it starts and then just screaming guitars cut in. I would write more but I have to go to work. Going to listen to the rest when I get home.
i'm liking it so far! everything suits the song well, and the production is quite good to me too. i'd like to point out though, that the eye of the storm is the name for the calm, and so i'm confused about your choice of titles.

The Eye is certainly my favorite part. would enjoy it even more if the distorted guitar riff progressed into something else, but i suppose i respect your decision to cut it off.
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thanks for listening! yeah your right about the title The Eye should be Eyewall.
@hansome21 glad u enjoyed the first part man, let me know what u think of the rest of the song after u listened to it!
The intro is good, sounds like it's building up to something. Nice lead playing, good technique, all your articulations are very good. Going back to the original riff is cool, but I feel you have segued into part 2 better, the silence makes the song lose some momentum I feel. Anyway 'The Eye' is very cool, nice lead again. Production is pretty good, you have a nice tone on the guitars. Transition is better into the final part. The acoustic provides a different feel that we haven't had so far, does indeed sound like the calm after a storm.
I really liked it a lot overall, and I left you a comment on youtube.

i appreciate the feedback guys! i listened to ur track Jani sounded good but not much i can say right now since its just a teaser.

@metalcommand left a comment on ur post

anymore criticism or thoughts ?
pretty nice mix, i liked when overdrive kicked in! very melodic for a metal song, overall very nice!


crit minez?
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