Hey,has anyone of u have used []this AMP?I want to get it for my Gibson Les Pauls,but i am not sure.
I was attracted by its review.How about its performance and price?So i come here and ask for your advice and reviews.
Is it perfect for my Gibson Les Pauls?
It is a good amp.

But is not the perfect amp for your Les Paul. It really depends on what you're playing.

Good amps that makes the "perfect pair" with Les Pauls:

- Vox AC30
- Marshall Bluesbreaker
- Marshall JCM 800
- Marshall JCM 900
- Orange Rockerverb

Those certain are the most common ones. Allthough you can use any amp with that guitar and make it sound good.

For example, look for Joe Bonamassa or the guys from Black Stone Cherry. They use unusual amps for Les Paul and make it sound awesome.
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