So my friend wants me to take my amp head over tomorrow and plug it into his mixer. Straight into the mixer, no cab. He's going to do the same with his amp, and a mic I think. Can I do this? I have no experience with mixers, and don't even really know what they're all about, but don't I need to mic my cab and send the mic to the mixer?

I just want to know if its safe to plug my amp into the mixer without it ruining my only tube head.

Thanks for the help guys, sorry for the mixer noobage.
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That's what I was afraid of. So then could I use my vyper 30 instead? That would be safe right? Or would it be easier to just use my rp55?
If you can't afford a cabinet and microphone (or don't have the option of recording at higher volumes levels), using the vypyr or rp's line out is a good alternative, yes.
The outputs intended for speakers/cabs can't be used for that. You can damage both the amp and the mixer that way.

Some amps have an output specifically for plugging into mixers/PAs/recording-interfaces/etc. Sometimes this is called an emulated-out or something along those lines - it's got speaker-simulation built-in, so it can be hooked up to a mixer, but the simulation is usually pretty shit.
A simple line-out or fx-out can be used, but you would need to get an external speaker-simulator of some sort before going to the mixer.
In all but a few cases, you'd still need a cab or you'd risk damaging the amp. What exactly your amp is equipped with varies so much that I can't give you any specific answer, you'll need to consult your amp's manual for that.

There's more possibilities, but they would require some costly equipment.

The RP55 could be used for this if it has amp/speaker/cab-simulations. Sometimes the manual will just say that it can be directly hooked up to a mixing board. If so, it wouldn't sound glorious, but one could play a show that way.