The seller has perfect feedback. Email Gibson to see if the serial number matches up, but it looks fine. The seller also seems to be open about sharing information. I'd be cautious, but nothing screams "fake."
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Looks fine to me - you do see some gibson logos looking like this - even some new Gibson logos look this way.

I wouldn't worry at all.
also, he says he actually prefers on cash on collection and welcomes you to try it out.

so he must have balls of steel if there is anything dodgy about this guitar at all.

it's fine.
I assume you're referring to the weird outline around the gibson logo and the crown inlay on the headstock?

this is just some natural wear that happens over time. i've seen a lot of gibsons that were a few years old where this has happened. for one like this which is 15 years old, this is to be expected.
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Looks just like mine. Has the fret binding nibs, knobs line up, headstock correct, binding correct, fret markers correct, truss rod cover correct, bridge correct, f-hole shape correct, serial number looks legit, pickup ring screws correct, color looks good, pickguard and mount is correct, case is correct... the only odd thing is the outline around the logo, and as Blompcube noted, that is pretty normal... mine has some of that going on too.

It looks like a nice one.... Price seems a bit high, but I'm sure they bring more in the UK... on this side of the pond that would bring $1,500-$1,600. I got my '91 for $1,000 a couple years ago.

Pricy though.

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this is real, so i'm guessing that is too. also adrian's goldtop is featured in that, check that one's headstock out
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