Hi, Im looking for a great sounding high gain amp, that is also versatile. I will mainly use it in my lounge room. I am struggling to find many low wattage tube amps that suit my needs.

So far im tossing up between

Mini rectifier,
ENGL Fireball 60

Ill also try some full on amps (depending on how they sound at low volume) since they are the same price as the above amps and seem like better value:

peavey 6505+
Randall MTS.

Are there any others that would be worth checking out? I'd like to keep the budget under 1.3k USD.

I have a randal RG50 atm, and a cab with a single v30 in it. But the randall doesnt cut the mustard any more. I like playing super fast high gain riffs, as well as lots of clean stuff, so versatility is important. 90% of my playing is done at comfortable listening level, however I want something that has at least some volume to it.

Any advice would be much appreciated.
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Check out the Kemper profiling amp, they're fairly new to the game and a few hundred bucks more but supposed to sound 99% identical to a tube amp in terms of dynamics and everything. Extremely versatile, you wouldn't need to spend extra for an attenuator, and you could always get some active FRFR speakers when you decide to play loud. I just ordered one last week and waiting anxiously for it's arrival

PS: I have the 6505 212 combo and it's loud as $@#@, you would probably want to get an attenuator for that to get the most out of it. It's also not very versatile.
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Peavey do some smaller combos with the 6505 and 6505+ i've got the 6505 2x12 combo (60 watt) and thats real good.... heaps of gain!
I think they also do a 1x12 combo aswell
I got one Mini Rectifier and for me is the best amp for your needs.

It don't get too loud and you still can achieve a massive amount of gain.

Also, I would suggest you to take a look on the Orange Dark Terror.
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I wouldn't exactly call the 6505+ versatile, it's just that tone, and better cleans.

Maybe what you want is a modelling amp? Like the Vetta II? You could always run it into a tube power amp for concerts.
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The Egnater Vengence might be something to check out. It can switch from 60w and 120w.
It sounds great at lower volumes.
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Or I can talk to him. PM me, give me your monies. I'll make sure he gets it.
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I'd suggest the EVH 5150 III 50W, it's pretty awesome.
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