helo to all you people, ive just started playing guitar and having been taking lessons since august last year, now its been going good so far ive managed to develop quite a rapor with the staff at the music store where i have lessons, so much so im on a first name basis with a few of them and theyve even let me into the back office to tune up/restring. no my problem is this i was waiting for a lift home from my brother who works down the road from said store, and i was a little bored so one of the staff members (who im on a first name basis with) suggested i just chill out and play guitar while i wait, i went to where the guitars where and picked a couple of the shelf and played them a bit and everything was fine. then i picked up a schecter with a floating floyd rose tremolo on it with the arm removed i was being overly cocky and i decided to try the wankers move of putting my fingers under the bridge part of the tremolo and pushing forward to simulate the movement it would usually have. i then pushed down on it and i pushed a little to far and put so much tension the d string snapped (the strings where kinda dead and felt a little rusty) and the bridge part with normally sits parallel to thee body was facing downwards and it wouldn't budge, i looked around and noone saw me so i panicked and cowardly ran out of the store all the way home. now i know im a an amateur and shouldn't have been messing with this stuff i realize this, im an idiot, my question is is this bad will thery need to source/reinstall floyd rose/trash the guitar or is this an easily fixable situation. i really like that place and the store people in it and i dont want one moment of d###headness to ruin it, plus id have to find another teacher and theyre at a premium where i live
DUDE. DICK MOVE, YOU JUST BROKE A SCHECTER. they know your face and your name, move out and go into hiding.

Your either an idiot or a troll, they are only strings, and nothing would have likely been damaged by that, aoart from the string. just ring up and apologize and say you panicked and ran away.
you shouldn't just mess around with things you dont know how to use, especially when you dont own them.

you could of at least told someone that the string had snapped, instead of running away like a girl...


Hit and run?

What does marcellus wallus look like?
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for some reason this post makes me suspect theres something horribly wrong with you.

not that thats a bad thing...

...dont kill me.
new string, fixed in 3mins time.. :P But you should go back and apologize otherwise they wont let u play the guitars in the store another time ;O