hi, i'm used to the basic stratocaster type whammy bar but i'm interested in getting an ibanez guitar with their zr whammy bar as they are apparantley the best in the budget second hand range.

incase i don't like the zr bar can the tension be adjusted so it's as tight or rigid as the stratocaster type so that i could do palm mutes and simultaneous open string and string bends without affecting the pitch?

thanks for your much valued advice guys
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also, is the rg550 better than the s570 including tremolos and pups please?


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i read somewhere that the 550 is better

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For the most part, the differences between the 550 and the 570 are just cosmetic. The 570 doesn't have a pick guard (and has pickup mount rings?). Different years for both models have different pickups, neck joints and bridges. I always prefer the lo-pro edge and the AANJ.

The rg1570 is basically the modern version of the 570.

As for the ZPS unit on ZR based trems, I don't think I've ever had an issue with palm muting, even with the very "loose" feeling lo-pro edge on my '93 s540. The edge zero on my rz3570z is definitely more stiff. But I've only had it for a week and haven't really done much experimenting with how stable the bridge is with bends.

And honestly, you'd probably want to try the edge zero in person to see if it behaves how you want. And might as well try out one of the S series that uses the ZR trem as well.
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