Lately I've been thinking I'd like to get one, someone that I can just talk to and have them give me some direction. I think it could help a lot having a set of challenges to meet vs just doing my own thing.
I'm really not even sure where to look for one or what to look for in someone claiming to be an instructor.

Does anyone have any advice on finding a good instructor who knows his stuff?
Look around. There are tons of places to find teachers. Check guitar shops, the newspaper, craigslist, and some other places online.
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Junior's usually at least a little terse, but he knows his stuff. I've always read his posts in a grouchy grandfather voice, a grouchy grandfather with a huge stiffy for alternate picking.
Besides that, he's right this time. As usual.
Find someone who has experience in ALL areas like, performing, writing, producing, and teaching. Meet with them first to discuss your goals, you will be paying him after all. Kinda like a personal trainer.