In the past ten years, in our music instrument industry, Lots of Chinese company have made a great success in Development and Manufacture. More and more

Chinese companies are leaping into the front ranks of the world, especially in the traditional music instrument field, for example, the competitive power and

marketing share for Guitar and Violin. Though they are still a kind of weak in electronic music products and accessories so that they can’t contend against

the famous Japanese, European and US company, but they have made a great improvement for tuners, EQ and effects as well. They are taking in good part the

normal competition because in a fair play, the consumer can be benefited, they can get more valuable products from it. But unfortunately, there are still

some Chinese companies, in order to get more benefit quickly, they are ignominiously copying the foreign brand products which have good creation with good

market share. They are just the kinds that fly in the face of intellectual property, even unscrupulously. Their behaviors are against the TRIPS of WTO. We

spit upon them and would fully disclose it to the public. At the last Namm show, Fishman, Korg were going to the booth of Shenzhen JOYO technology Co., Ltd.,

ordering JOYO to stop showing the products which they had copied from their brands. They gave warning that if JOYO kept on copying they would take legal


In order to make it public to consumers, we are now listing the main products which JOYO copies from other companies:

Let’s work together to resist

this ugly behavior, jointly maintain the health of our market.

JOYO JT-305 Pedal Tuner with Metal Casing



JT-306 Mini Guitar Tuner