Hi UG community,

I'm new guitar player, started learning with acoustic guitar. Even though my first guitar was classic, switching to acoustic was just awesome. There is a thing however, which is, I just love the sound the electric guitar is producing. No matter the genre, electric still is my wish, soon to come true.

This will be my first electric guitar. And since it would be my first, I dont plan to buy Gibson or similar high-priced brands for my first one. After asking few people around, we've managed to bring out two brands/models I'm currently looking for. My current top two are:

1. Epiphone Les Paul 100 (Vintage Sunburst) / link,

2. Cort CR100 CRS (link) or

3. Cort CR250 VB (link)

All 3 look awesome. I still am undecided on which to pick tho. I was also looking at Ibanez brand but some of people really down voted for that option. Price range for all is around 400 USD. The type of music I'm enjoying the most is rock and heavy metal. However, it should be more of an all-around music guitar than specific genre type of it.

Can you please point me into at least general direction or, if there is such a huge difference between those 3 above or should I widen my criteria a bit?

thank you everyone for your help.
i'd go with the cort cr250 vb but the black flame top it looks awesome. then the epiphone.
don't buy a guitar based on looks, you should go to a shop and test them out or look up videos of those guitars on youtube and pick the sounds you like the most. there is nothing wrong with ibanez just some of their cheap stuff is made like shit. $400 is enough to get you a very decent guitar
Quote by csensesfail92
don't buy a guitar based on looks, you should go to a shop and test them out

This times infinity

When I got my first I had no idea too, just went to a shop and tried ones at my budget, and 1 guitar just felt so right it was like it was waiting for me.
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I'd wait a bit and collect a bit more cash.
Just try to buy a guitar you won't easily be frustrated by.
Don't buy an instrument that feels uncomfortable.
Don't cheap out on instruments, although you do get what you pay for.
That might seem like a good deal now, but you'll regret it later on.

If you buy a low budget guitar now, eventually you'll have to get rid of it,
because you'll improve and will want more specific sounds that simply can't come from
a low cost guitar. But getting rid of it won't be easy, good luck trying to sell a low budget piece of crap :s

My advice would be this Epiphone Nighthawk: http://www.thomann.de/be/epiphone_nighthawk_custom_reissue_hb.htm

It's not so generic as a les paul shape (better re-sale value later), but it does have a lot in common with an lp construction-wise. The different kinds of pickups in it will give you a wide array of tones to experiment with.

But have you thought about an amplifier yet? To get 'electric' sounds out of a guitar you'll need to plug it into an amp, otherwise you'll just play an electric acousticly (which can sound nice too, but then there's no different tones to play with).

Most guys around here will scream about how an amp > the guitar itself for tone, but don't listen to that too much. Better to start with a great guitar and a so-so amp than the other way around. Especially since you started with acoustic guitar, you'll be interested more in the instrument itself and how it responds acousticly.
An amplifier just takes your 'acoustic' sound and amplifies it, makes it louder and changes the tone. If the guitar itself sucks ass, that nice amp will be polishing a turd.

What type of amp depends on the sound you want and where you'll be playing.
If you just want to play on your own you can get by using one of these http://www.thomann.de/be/search_dir.html?xsid=ba5b4cc6d70941c75aa333b26b526eb7&sw=amplug&x=0&y=0&gk=&bn= and a pair of earphones.
If you want to jam out loud, play along with others you'll need to look at something more, like a decent combo.

But that would be another thread: Which amp?