My band plays a decent amount of gigs at bars and stuff where we have to play 3-4 hours of music. Obviously we do a lot of covers. Some songs I don't feel 100% on the lyrics so I have this big book that I lay on the floor just in case I need to look down to remember a line. I found out that they make clips for mic stands to put ipads in. So I was thinking of buying a cheap tablet computer and that clip, that way I would have any lyrics I need right in front of me and I could also put set lists/etc on it too.

As of right now, I do not own a tablet. I wouldn't mind having one as long as its a cheaper one because I don't think they are really worth the $500-800 crazy people pay for them. I did find this one which is only $200. It runs Android, same size as the ipad, and decent enough power on it. I think this would be a decent investment. I would use it for gigs but also here and there if I don't feel like bringing my macbook. I'm assuming that I would be able to load a word file with lyrics on this thing.

What do you think?
a company called arnova make cheap ones with android on, ma dads got one and there pretty good and cheap
Definitely not the worst tablet in the world, and not a bad idea either, I say go for it. Just make sure you get the proper SD card to expand the memory with.
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The cheapest and best answer would be to learn the lyrics.

I can understand why you might find it hard to feel 100% about them, but if you're having to check the lyrics all the time you're ruining the show.

Also, if you're used to relying on having the lyrics there, you will never achieve 100% confidence because you've always had them in front of you.

It may be OK for 1, possibly 2 songs in the set at the most if they are genuinely new additions, but anything more than that and you aren't doing your job as frontman properly.
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You need to consider the battery life of those things, if youre on stage for 3 hours.
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