I hate when songs come to me in a dream, I can never remember the bastard things properly in the morning! Had one like that last night actually, in which the Manic Street Preachers turned out to have an old song I'd never heard before but I loved it. No idea what it was now.

Anyway. This is good, not 4 minutes+ worth of good though IMO, in its current form. A tempo and/or key change at some point to a better headbanging speed (think: the point in every song on Reign in Blood where Slayer stop messing about & kick into playing at about 170bpm) would suit it well I think, really take it to the next level. The tone, the solo and the riffs are more than decent though, nice work. I just think a metal instrumental has to have something extra about it which makes it truly memorable.

Here's something I posted to the OR forum recently if you do the ol' C4C thing: