Hey guys,

I am about to start building a EVH VH1 (Black and White) guitar and i'm trying to understand the whole process.

I am stuck a little on the beginning, I cant understand the process of sanding, grain filling, and sealing.

I understand what sanding is but I dont quite undestand what grain filling and sealing is and what goes after what.

Any help?

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Use grain filler on something like mahogany to fill the pores. then sanding sealer to give a uniform base for finishing.

1. Sanding,
2. Grain filler,
3. Sanding sealer,
4. Wet sanding (medium grit),
5. Clear coat or paint,
6. Wet sanding (high grit),
7. Buffing/polishing.

Obviously, you wouldn't necessarily bother with grain filler for an oiled finish, and you wouldn't use sanding sealer.
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