Drums: Addictive Drums programmed beat for beat.
Guitars: I played on a cheap SX Furrian (Telecaster copy) guitar with Dragonfire's $17 pickups, 250k Alpha pots w/Orange Drop .022 capacitor.
Bass: Played on my Washburn XB100
Used Peavey Revalver amp sim. 3120 for guitars, Basic 100 for bass, Reaper (DAW), and M-Audio Fast Track USB interface.

Now, if I can just learn to sing. I tried...it was...horrible and swiftly deleted! I WILL NOT be going on America's Got Talent any time soon!
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Hey pretty nice!
Yamaha Pacifica 012
Peavey Vypyr 15

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Pro Tip - Neck pickup, tone dial rolled all the way off, makes tuners respond WAY more accurately. I only learned this trick fairly recently, and it actually works.
I have'nt seen a John Mellencamp song posted on here in a long time! Overall not a bad rendition man! He's one of the truly great American song writers. The instruments were all very well played for the most part, especially if you played them all yourself. But the importance of the lyrics cannot be underestimated (even if they were as bad as you say). Keep up the good work! But for your next cover I'd highly reccommend you at least attempt the vocals. If you dont mind doing a C4C I'd really appreciate any thoughts you have on any of the covers I've done. I'll post a link below

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You're right about the vocals. This song really needs them because it is otherwise pretty repetitive and boring. I did try to do them myself, but it was just THAT bad. I am still trying to improve enough to do a passable job and add it to this, but so far...no luck, no skill. I did play everything else myself, yes, except the drums, obviously, which I programmed from scratch in Addictive Drums.