This is a song I wrote called Same Old Chords. It's not quite finished yet, but I thought I'd post it anyway. It's pretty straightforward, but I guess my thoughts just are ^^ I'm kind of wondering what people think of it ..

Same Old Chords

I use the same old chords for every song
Don't even know why that's so wrong
Do you know ?

Everyday it's the same routine
feels like I'm stuck in between
oh what's called my life

I feel like changing,
but I keep on waiting
too afraid to fly

I keep holding on
Before it's gone
I try

Wake up and brush my teeth
I'll do my thing and then go to sleep
oh what's the point ?

No I'm not like all the girls
Don't need make-up to face the world
Instead I smile

I need to change things,
don't wanna be waiting
I should start my flight

I'll keep holding on
Before it's gone
I try

It started with this thought
I use the same old chords for every song
Didn't know why that's so wrong
Now I know

(© asn.Debbie)
I really enjoyed it Keep it up
Dare you to be my friend ........
Omg, I didn't think people would like it, thank you so much ! I'm seriously so nervous when I see someone has commented .. But no, I'm not a good singer, unfortunately =/
Pretty good, seems to have a paramore vibe

But I probably think that because every girl in rock music is compared in some way to Hayley Williams
Not sure if I know what a paramore vibe is, lol. I just know one song, 'The Only Exception' .. But thanks ! They're a cool band =]
got a nice vibe
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digoutyerarse: none dig deeper

Simple, smart, quirky. I like it To meit has that awesome kind of like Ray Davies (The Kinks) type style to it
Thank you so much ! I was actually preparing for the worst comments, so I'm very relieved. Your comments mean a lot to me