Hey guys...Ive decided to learn Dueling ninjas by Trace bundy...Now this is my first two hand tapping or whatever you would want to call it song. It is fairly repetitive but i know im gonna have trouble hitting the top bass notes with one hand while keeping the other riff completely in time. And I dont have fingernails so I dont know how to do the harmonics over the soundhole...If anyone has any tips or steps to learn this song I would appreciate it. Also should I learn the main riff perfect then focus on the top string bass notes? Thanks!
just learn the left hand riff and then where the bass notes intersect it, as for the harmonics, they are either tapped which on an acoustic means you'll have to slap the harmonic pretty hard, the others are harp harmonics neither of which really require fingernails, if you can't get them to work just search for a video tutorial on them
Okay thanks man! And when he plays this its all tapped but is he tapping and pulling off or is just tapping hard enough to get a strong sound?
Okay. Is there a secret to pulling off clean when next to other strings? Im pulling off and barely hitting the other strings... :/
pull off down, and raise your finger up afterwards, it has to be a small movement so you don't disturb the other strings, it mostly just takes practice
When I do the main riff sometimes I pull down so hard it just rings out way to loud and sounds like ishhh. Is there a sure fire way to hammer on and pull off without pulling off too hard? Also when I record this should I be plugged into an amp or just have it be my guitar?