So apparently there's a new popular item on the black market...

Tide detergent.

Thieves steal this from stores and sell them for $5 - $10 instead of $10-$20. This is getting so bad that some stores like CVS now have them behind glass cases, or have law enforcement near the shelves where the bottles are sold.

WTF people?
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1st world problems.

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Tide laundry detergent is meant to be used for household cleaning purposes, but thieves are turning it into something dirty.

Oh Yahoo News....

Dat clean and fresh lemon scented laundry

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It's up to someone to turn the tide... of crime

These criminals need to come clean.
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or have law enforcement near the shelves where the bottles are sold.

I guess that's a pretty good crime detergent.
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December 14, 2017
Those people really need to clean up their acts.

This country has clearly gone to shit. We could use a fresh start.
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No different that people stealing tvs and selling them for half price from the trunk of their car.
Well, last year people were stealing bridges and live power lines.

Is this better or worse?
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(this only works in the uk i think)

No, we have prison here, too.
Are we talking the premium High Efficiency for Front Loaders shit or the schwag regular shit?
This is just disgusting.

We need someone to clean these stains from the blanket of society
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My thoughts exactly
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The authorities really need to clean up their act.
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