hey folks...

I just got my hands on an old Ibanez bass. Can anyone help me identify it? It says Ibanez Roadster Bass Series, but doesn't seem to have any model number. It's made in Japan, in August of 1980 according to serial number guide I found online.

As for physical appearance, it has open tuning machines, a maple neck w/ maple freboard, 21 frets. The body is a sunburst, and it looks like it probably had a pickguard at one time. The truss rod adjustment is at the base of the neck, not the headstock. It has one very large single coil pickup (not a split coil, but a big thick straight single coil), a thumbrest, two knobs (I assume volume and tone, but they're missing the actual knobs, and one shaft is broken off). The bridge is a really large solid looking piece of metal... sorta like an ashtray tele bridge, on steroids, after a nuclear mutation.

The output jack was crunched into the body, and when I did plug it in, I got static unless I pushed the cable up a little higher than perpendicular to the body. I'll take the back plate off to look at it soon, see what's up inside.
Pics? Sounds like a solid little projet bass, and good looking as well. Sunburst without a pickguard and a maple neck sounds yum.