Okay I searchbarred and to my surprise I found nothing. I thought there should at least be a thread for the subject, I mean, they're the UK's biggest festivals!

I'm sure you're all aware of what's going on this year:

Ordered my ticket last night and I for one cannot wait. I was most surprised at EODM being announced which I am over the moon with.

What are the Pit's thoughts on this years line up and will any pit monkeys be attending?
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*behind the times*

Download is gonna be more my thing.....
Or warped tour/mayhem
The Cure
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Alright, I'll give them a try, Japanese Black Speed rarely disappoints.

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I'd go for The Cure and The Black Keys and that's it. Such a predictable lineup, and even the bands that have never played there before (or at least not for a long time) have done shit loads of fests before them anyway.
The Cure
Foo Fighters
At The Drive In

Can't wait!!

Still not gonna beat last year though.
Those 2 have gone downhill in terms of lineups recently.
Then again, most UK festivals have. R&L used to be the best in terms of consistently booking the acts everyone wanted to see.
Though I'm off to Donington this year, line up is the tits.
Has anybody seen who's been announced for the Lock-Up stage? I'm looking forward to seeing Social Distortion to be honest.
At The Drive In, The Cure, Foo Fighters and probably Paramore are the only bands I'd want to see. Pretty weak line-up.

The line up isn't that bad. The Cure, Foo Fighters, At The Drive In, The Black Keys, The Shins, The Gaslight Anthem are all great, and there are some other good ones on there. It's just missing some good older bands on the mainstage undercard. Hopefully the FR stage and the rest of the NME stage will add some good stuff. I for one am looking forward to this.


NME tent fully announced. The Hives, Mastodon, Graham Coxon, The Horrors, Mark Lanegan Band, The Joy Formidable amongst others.

Some great bookings. Line up is definitely shaping up. Some of the positioning is crazy though, The Hives 7th on NME!?!

Again, like I said, Main Stage is weak this year, NME and Lock Up stages looks good, with FR tent to be announced, hopefully some crackers in there as well.

I'd go and see At The Drive-In but I think I'm about 10 years too old for this kind of deal.
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