I put up my amp (65 Deluxe Reverb RI) for trade on my local classifieds, specifically for an AC30 or AC15.

I got two offers, one guy wants to trade me a AC15C2 "twin". It's the AC15 wtih TWO greenbacks, so it's a 2X12. It's the newer C2 model.

Another guy offered a AC15CC2x, which is the single speaker version, but it has the Alnico Blue speaker in it. It is the older CC2 model though.

What would you guys do? Have any pros/cons?

It's most likely going to be a direct trade. Does the blue speaker outweigh the apparent drawbacks of the older CC2 models?
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CC's are the more expensive models. Try both if you can and hear the difference for yourself. There'll be a notable difference between 2x12 and 1x12.
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I think the Custom (C1, C2, etc.) series sounds better than the CC series. Although, CC series AC15 with the Alnico Blue speaker would probably sound a lot better than the regular CC series amps with Wharfedale speakers. I'm not fond of those. I say go for the C2 2x12 version though. It will sound more full.
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Yeah, though they are the older model, the CCs are the more expensive. They have things (better cabinet, rectifier tube (an important factor of the AC30's classic sound), so many cool switches in the back..) that the new C1 model does not. Plus yours would be coming with the Alnico blue speaker. I'd consider that a pretty good deal.

Two speakers or one is something to consider, but remember, the standard classic AC15 - the amp The Beatles used more than an AC30 - has one speaker. That's what the AC15 really is. You get one with two speakers, yeah, you can call it an AC15 (you can call it anything) but with two speakers it isn't really the AC15! It's like putting five pickups on a Strat. Yeah, you can call it a Strat, but it is not really a Strat.