Practice your bends and tune your guitar a little better. You can *almost* play it, but you don't hit the bent notes exactly right.

As for rhythm, practice with a metronome, you're a little off. Otherwise a good start, and your tone is nice
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- play to speed
- tweaking the settings on your amp (low/mid should be about 12 o'clock, highs should be around 8 or 9) the settings change amp from amp but it helps you get into it if you sound closer to them I find.
- practice with a metronome
-repeat step 3 100 times until perfect
I doubt I could do much better- but I can hear aswell as the next guy- and I'd say:
Bends and timing
I think your problems are:

1) Rhythm
2) Bending technique

Familiarise yourself with the song. Barring that, use a metronome.

Use more fingers when you're bending to support. It seems like you're only using your ring finger. This could be why you're not bending to the correct note, but more like somewhere in between.

Also, give it some time. I won't say it's a very challenging solo, but when you're new, everything is challenging.
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You must be thinking of the double time solo at the back. His video is of the first minute or so in the solo, which is the slower part.