Hi guys!

I'm doing a research paper for my English class at Uni this semester, and I'm having trouble with coming up with a thesis for it. Basically I want it to be about mosh pits/metal, but I for the life of me cannot come up with my thesis about it. Once I have that, I should be able to write it pretty easily.

I've jumped back and forth about how I could go about this, i.e:positive vs. negative; tell about a negative aspect and rebut it with a positive to that negative, but I don't think I can do that for the page length required.

Basically anything you can offer me by way of a thesis about mosh pits/metal music would be more than greatly appreciated.

Thanking you guys in advanced, I've missed the pit.
Maybe play off the angle of an insider's view versus and outsider's view. For example, you could point out how a person outside the hard rock/metal scene views mosh pits/metal as violent and aggressive whereas a person in the hard rock/metal scene uses mosh pits/metal as an emotional release.

Hope this helps jumpstart some ideas for you! Sounds like an interesting topic.
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^seconding vega, but maybe even go into cultural aspects of the scene, too.
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Maybe how its looked upon by society as the youth being crazy and violent and disapproving of it while at the same time condeming (rightfully so) random acts of assault of the streets. So basically how mosh pits and walls of death serve as a means of release for some kids who are trying to get their frustration out in an acceptable way, but yet it still isn't adequate enough for mainstream society.
how its a male dominate genre which is really homophobic, even though one of the figureheads, Rob Halford, is gay(and awesome) as hell.
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The development of mosh pits, what mosh pots are, the dangers, how they define a genre, what its like to be in on, how they are only present at certain shows, how dave grohl hates assholes who mosh too hard