So, here's the thing.

A few weeks ago I traded my guitar with my friend's, just for some time, so I can record some stuff.

So I did. I bought the 6.3 to 3.5mm jack, so I can plug it directly into a computer, and it worked. I also bought a 3.5mm splitter, so I plugged in my microphone as well, and I started recording whole songs.

Now, the problem. I didn't record anything for about a week, and in the meantime I switched from Windows XP to Windows 7. So I had a lot of trouble to connect all of that stuff again. The microphone is working, but the guitar isn't.

I hope it isn't broken or anything, but I'm suspecting 2 things:

1) Windows 7 cr*p - I had really a lot of trouble after switching to W7, so it may be just another problem;

2) Battery - I noticed that all the time while I was recording, there was battery inside the EQ of the guitar. But now the battery is empty. Could that be the reason, does the EQ need a battery all the time? Here's the link to the picture;

Thanks in advance!
Yeah you need a battery.

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