Hey I'm looking to get an interface so I can do some recording. I'll probably do some solo stuff but I'll also use it to record my band. I need at least 4 inputs to record drums, so I was wondering if there are any that would suit my needs for under $200. I don't want to spend much since I don't currently have much money. I did find a few such as the Tascam US-600 usb audio interface and the Alesis iO4 4-Channel 24-Bit Recording Interface. The Alesis only records at 16 bits when when using 4 inputs and 24 at 2, but the Tascam I think records at 24 bits with all 4 at once but I'm not completely sure. Is there much difference between 16 and 24 bits? Any suggestions? Also, will these interfaces work with audacity or do I need different recording software?
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