Hey i had another picking question, so after a week or 2 fiddling with my picking method i finally think i've found somethign that's comftorable and works for me. Depending on what i play sometimes I use the pad of my index finger and thumb for holding for stuff that i play loosley and and then when i play faster i noticed that my index finger curls up and i play with the side of the index finger, the transition between the two is completely comfotrable and feels natural but will this hinder my playing at all using 2 different methods?
I don't see an issue with it, I have 2 different methods one for strummiing and another for solos and lead work.
No, because if everyone only used one some people would play pinch harmonics with every note and others would never play pinch harmonics.
It'll probably hinder your playing a little bit, but it's not a big deal. Personally, I think the side of the index is a bit better, and you can use that style for everything once you get the hang of it. It wouldn't take you long to adjust it if you want to fix it, a couple of months tops.
thanks for the advice, and free power your prob right i'm gonna try and use the side of index finger for everything, I've only been practicing for a week and half with it so if i just stick to it maybe everything will be easy to play like that, the only difference i think i have in picking styel from you is i extend my fingers instead of a fist because its more comftorable and relaxed for me