Hello there Ug users.

I have a few question concerning fan fretted guitars, I am currently studying to be a luthier. ( second semester out of 6 almost done ) During the 6th semester we will have to build a modern guitar of our design, electric , picasso or whatever we ever dreamed of.

I'm going to build myself a 8 string fan fretted guitar, but a few informations are missing.

Who sells high output angled pickup? I've read on a few forums that Lundgren, Bareknuckle, Haussel and Nordstrand ''may'' build custom ones if you ask them. But then, no one on those forums has actually bought any of those pickups. That's why I am asking it here.

Does a fan fretted guitar have to be tuned in fifths? This is a less important question, but then again, I've only read from obscure forums where nothing seems to be answered correctly.

Final question, who might sell or build custom angled bridges ?

That's all for now, feel free to ask if anything I wrote isn't clear, english isn't my first language.
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? You can tune your guitar in any way you want. Tune it in minor seconds if you want.

A lot of people simply use wide bass pickups because they have such a wide, clear range to work from, and they are often just bar magnets. No pole pieces. That way you can just make an angled rout and stick the pickup in there angled. No need to search for angled pickups. I've heard good things about Alumitone and Q-Tuner pickups, but make sure you do some research on them.

Regarding bridges, most people I've seen machine their own bridges, or... use individual saddles, like this: http://store.hipshotproducts.com/cart.php?m=product_detail&p=222 That way you can place them individually at the correct angle.
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Well thanks ! I'll look up Alumitone and Q-Tuners.
Those saddles remind me that I'll have to save up for a while before building this beast.
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I dropped some Alumitones in a prototype hollowbody guitar i purchased a few years ago and haven't regretted it- lightweight, nice clean, crisp tone.

As for tuning fanned frets, the first- but not only- guitarists I ever saw using fanned fret guitars were the guys in California Guitar Trio, who use Robert Fripp's New Standard Tuning. NST is CGDAEG.
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^ Kinda like those yes, but angled the other way.
But of course, I'm looking for high gain pickup, I'm digging Bareknuckle's tones.
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Good choice on the multi-scale/fan fretted decision. I own two fan fretted guitars and find it a far superior way to go about things. Best of luck with your build and make sure to post pictures!