Hey guys,
Let me descripe my problem: I have the Ibanez Valbee Tube-Amp @home. Some kind of one and a half channel amp. The Overdrive-mode is called "Boost". Everything sounds pretty good and the amp does its job, but now i want to switch from clean to the boost-mode by foot.
My idea is, to solder out the button that does this and replace it by a jack plug, so i can connect a simple footswitch. Will it work or am I going to ruin my amp?
Has anybody any experiences about this kind of problem?

You can do it with the switch still in place. Just use a switching jack.

I can not guarantee that you won't ruin your amp, but chances are very slim.

Your other option without having to remove the switch would be to have the switch in the regular setting when you want to use your footswitch.

EDIT: If you'll excuse me, I will stereotype a bit. I see you are German. So, I would expect you to be methodical. Opening an amp isn't brain surgery, but you must be careful to not break any connections while you're in there. Take pictures before you start disconnecting wires so you'll be able to put them back where they came from.

I tend to touch up solder joints around the jacks and pots. These places on the amp get stressed more than others. If you've got it open anyways, I'd go ahead an reflow some joints.
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Hey thank you so far
My Problem was that this Amp has no regular footswitch, that means i always have to stop playing and switch the mode by hand and I can't plug a normal switch in. But it seems it could work? I think I'll open he chassis and take a look how the Switch is wired.
I mean I have this amp now for more than two years I won't lose the warranty^^