Ok so i might be considering dropping a grand or so on an axe in the near future and i cant find any maker who can give me my specs. i need the basics of:

les paul stype body with or w/o double cut
- preferably a smaller neck heel / joint
- 24.75 scale
- NOT A GIBSON or fender! , or anything 25.5 scale!
- Carved top or semi carved top

major pluses:

- many colors, mad props for white
- for this kind of money i would like locking tuners, perhaps a compensated nut
- ligher weight and thinner than a paul would be a plus

do withouts:

- i can settle for a 25 scale
- i can settle without bells and wistles and colors. feel is most important
- i can settle without crazy top woods. looks cool but ultimately not important.

there are only a few options i have really found:

- some form of carvin, super strat or les paul style
- a hamer
- a tricked out PRS SE 245 (new pups, new hardware, locking tuners)
- a guild bluesbird which i completely fell in love with used at sam ash...but in not buying yet
- ????
- or, putting about 1000 bucks in my beloved epiphone les paul custom in white which would dub it the greatest epiphone ever in the history of man.

but really my epiphone has magical powers - ive never seen its equal. i know this because every epiphone ive ever picked up is clearly garabe in comparison. its easily on par with most gibsons. i could easily play it for another decade. (mods would include: total refret, new pups, locking tuners, compensated nut, complete rewiring...that should just about do it.

anybody know some boutique brands making les paul style guitars?
It sounds like what you want is an LTD EC-1000 (or 401, I'm not sure what their prices are in America). they do 'em in white, the EC body style is slightly slimmer than a normal LP, it has a very slightly deeper cutaway, a slimmer neck, a rear contour and if you can find one made a year or two ago, they had compensated nuts.

Either that, or look at building a guitar yourself out of Warmoth parts - their carved-top Telecaster body with a 24.75" scale conversion neck would tick all the boxes.
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Just curious but why not Gibson?
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i fee that for the price i can find almost any guitar exceeds the quality (quality control), features, and overall feel that gibson offers. i think thier lower end guitars are not much better than epiphones, thier mid line (2000 buck) guitars are great but for the price you can do better, and above 2000 you can certainly do better with a custom guitar or PRS, suhr, etc.

honestly, i think gibson 100% fails at all price points. oh, and i hate having the same thing everybody else does.

/ rant.

not but really, i saw one of those ESPs and i was QUITE surprised. i hated the stupid fake worn gold top finish, but the feel of a guitar that cheap was impressive. i would have to gut the electronics and do all teh appointments i would to my epi or a PRS SE, but overall, i was shocked.

i go into a sam ash and might pick up 2-3 guitars. some i know i wont buy. others i consider. the 350 buck ESP caught my eye for the price.

but for the money im trying t ospend i think i can go USA. or at least used.

best guitar ive held in a LONG time for under 2000 was the guild bluesbird. my god. fantastic. if if only i could fast forward a few months when im in the market.
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I think this whole thing is bull4465.I f not,look up rock and roll relics.If you can't find em online,call the Mesa Hollywood store.Ask for John.They,ll make you want.Just be prepared to wait,But it,ll be worth it.How could you possibly spend a$1000 you have?22 inch rims.