Hey guys,
I've recently joined a band and I was wondering if you could give me some suggestions on gear to buy. Is it smarter to upgrade the guitar I have now (Fender Squire Affinity Strat) or get a decent sounding amp? We have a few shows booked for next month, and I can probably only buy one or the other. I think the guitar sounds alright, but it could definitely be better. But on the other hand, what's a guitar with nothing to play it through?

Thanks for the help.
What amp are you using right now?
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It's a Fender Frontman 15G. Fender had a package where you would get a squire guitar, fender amp, and a few other accessories for $250. It works fine for practice but it's not big enough for a show.

Or maybe an Amp

Failing that, get a new amp.

Any questions?
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Definitely a new amp.
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Oh yeah, definitely get an amp. How can you even practice with a band with that thing?
Ibanez Prestige RG1570
Schecter Omen 6
ESP LTD Viper 400
Dean Dime From Hell

Peavey 5150
Amp. The affinity strats aren't THAT bad, but the amp isn't all that. Also, go used. Try to get like, a 4x12 or something for $100, and whatever head you can find.
Get a new amp, but continue to save for a new guitar if you can.

How much would you be willing to spend.
Thanks. I can probably spend about 500 on an amp. It'll take a while after that to get a new guitar. Do you know where I can get something good for 500?
Budget? - $500

Genres? - What style do you play mostly, fav guitarists, do you need cleans, etc?

New or Used? - Lots of great amps out there used, especially in a down economy.

Home or Gig? - Gig, but what size venues and will it be mic'd up?

Closest City? - We aren't here to stalk you but we need to know where you are in the world roughly and we can help further if we know what city you are in (ie craigslist, local shops, Guitar Center used section, etc)

Current Gear? - Squier Strat
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Get the new amp. Try to find you a friend who you can bum a decent axe off of for the gigs.
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for 400 you can easily get into a gigable amp. fender hot rods go for like 400-500 used every day. a ton of mid range lunch box style amps will fall in that used price.

go to your every day GC, im sure they will have 1-2 used fenders, a few crate V series tubes, and a few otehr misc amps around. if those dont suit, you can atleast get an idea of what your in for with the price / market.

but really, a hot rod deluxe is about the go to bread and utter gigging mans amp. no complaints, rock solid, really hard to make it sound bad, but nothing too out of the ordinary. its generic sounding that with the right effects and playing you can cover almost any genre.
JKHC, I like a lot of genres, but my band mostly plays pop punk and a little bit of heavier stuff like A Day To Remember. New or used doesn't matter. I think I could get better quality if I buy used, so I'll look around. The gigs won't always be mic'd, so it needs to have some power. My closest city is Pittsburgh, PA. Thank you for all your help.

Ikey_, I looked into the hot rods a little. They seem to be pretty nice. What kind of tones can I expect from one?




Theres a couple for ya. Some are a little cheaper than $500, which would be cool because than you might be able to buy some pedals or a better guitar. Just an idea for ya.
Ibanez Prestige RG1570
Schecter Omen 6
ESP LTD Viper 400
Dean Dime From Hell

Peavey 5150