I was the guy about a month back that posted all my problems about my band Next to Nothing.

Since then we have bought in a jazz trained keyboard player and he is fantastic. he knows his theory and is bang on in his ideas and his writing.

The drummers problems I have not seen in a while now.In short the drummers problems were that he would argue with our singer constantly and he would tell me to turn my amp down to a volume i could talk over. he would also make really horrible suggestions like playing a song in front of the whole school that we have practised once. The rest of the band would go along with this and basically state that because i am a blues player I have no clue what's going on in modern music. I recommend seeing my previous thread for more info.

I have come here for advice about the singer of the band.

The singer has not turned up to practice in the last month. She is either too busy or is ill as she puts it. Real pain in the arse to be honest. Brilliant singer she is but she won't remember any of her lyrics after 6 months of playing the songs and she has no stage presence. She stands there and looks miserable like she doesn't want to be there.

The rest of the band have still been doing practice and we have gained something that I thought we had lost forever. I've started having fun again. We have all come to the conclusion as a band because we have a jazz trained piano player we should start playing in the style of the doors and some modern bands like The Black Keys. I have been singing and its been alright.

So this is where advice is needed. I don't have the most brilliant voice (only just started really singing) but its listenable. We are having so much fun without the singer there just jamming that the drummer suggested I should kick the singer out and just have me singing. I have been told by my band to tone down my stage energy before because it has frighted people hahaha, so i will have no problem with stage performance. I already remember all her lyrics off top of my head. So my question is as long as my voice is not shocking can stage presence make up for it.
Kick her out and start practicing your singing. it will come to you.
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Kick her out and start practicing your singing. it will come to you.

this. maybe, start taking singing classes, and kick her out eventually whe you're more comfortable with yourself/your singing...
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well I'm here

The rhythm guitarist is a complete different genre from the rest of the band preferring avenged sevenfold which is a little way off from the kind of old style 10 minute blues jam style that me and the rest of the band will just go into in the middle of a song sometimes. He is very very confused when this happens whereas the rest of the band seem to know that we use the song more as beginning and end points rather then playing it how it is on the record.

I wouldn't honestly consider kicking him out unless i thought it was a favour to him. he has been jamming with another band which i told him by all means he can do what he wants because at the end of the day if it improves his playing it improves our sound. The other band play stuff much more to his music style. it wouldn't be a problem if he hadn't of skipped the last month of practice to jam with this band. it is obvious to me that he enjoys playing with them more then he does with us. more power to him for finding a band he is having fun in but he can at least quit our band so it doesn't have to be awkward between us. unfortunately he is like my best mate and it might have to come down to me saying that he can't be choosing that band over us on practice day and still saying that he is still apart of our band.

as for the singing replys i am comfortable with my voice and i have had the people around me be brutally honest around me and say what they think of it. most of the responses have been about average.
talk to him about it because he might not want to quit if he thinks it might hurt your feelings or something since you guys are good friends...
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